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Custom Capabilities

The majority of our business is the design and manufacture of customer specific thermal solutions. Radian provides tailored thermal management solutions that are optimized for each particular application. We will work with you throughout the development process to meet your cost and performance requirements.
Wide Range of Cooling Technologies
Investment Casting
The Investment Casting process can cost-effectively produce complex heat sink designs in a short amount of time. Investment Casting is ideally suited for producing prototypes and short-to med-volume runs. When combined with Rapid Prototyping technologies, Investment Casting can typically deliver functional metal prototypes in 1-3 weeks.
Die Cast
Die Casting is optimal for high volume heatsink production in high power applications, where component weight is not critical. By using in-house Rapid Prototyping technologies, Radian can often deliver die cast prototypes and rapid tooling without the need for any investments in hard tooling.
Precision Forging
Utilizing special open die tooling and intense pressure to form thin-sectioned, high precision heatsinks. High aspect ratios can be achieved using Precision Forging - with the ability to accommodate fin thicknesses as thin as 0.020" and fin heights over 1" tall for the same base size. Copper inserts may be incorporated into the base for more effective heat spreading.
Skived Fin
The Skived Fin process combines special cutting tools and a controlled shaving technique to produce heatsinks from a single block of material, such as copper or aluminum. The typical result is a thin-finned heatsink, with a dense population of uniformly shaped and distributed fins. In certain applications, Fin Skiving can offer cost saving, high-efficiency cooling alternatives to high aspect ratio extrusions and folded fin assemblies.
Thin Fin Extrusions
Thin Fin Extrusions provide an ideal combination of small package volumes and large surface areas for optimal cooling performance. This unique process typically offers greater dimensional fin control than competing ‘thin fin’ manufacturing approaches. In most applications, Thin Fin extrusions can deliver more efficient airflow than conventional extruded designs.
High Aspect Ratio Aluminum Extrusions
Aluminum Extrusions have conventionally been the predominant approach for heatsink production. Most extruders produce "commodity" products with less than 6:1 aspect ratios. Radian specializes in providing High Aspect Ratio Extrusions, with achievable aspect ratios generally ranging from 10:1 to 16:1.
Stamped Fin
Stamped Fin heatsinks are made from sheets of aluminum or copper, where the metal is stamped into a particular configuration based on the intended application. For maximum design flexibility, fins can be stamped into a broad range of geometries and thicknesses. Optimal for medium to high volume programs, Stamped Fin Technology offers an economical approach for producing high efficiency, lightweight heatsinks in small package sizes.
Custom Machining
With highly versatile machining capabilities, Radian provides high precision heatsinks with complex features, contours, cut-outs and through-holes. Combined with a full range of finishing and volume production capabilities, we are your reliable source for quality, affordable machined heatsinks.
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