BGA Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsinks

BGA Aluminum Plate Fin HeatsinksRadian's BGA Aluminum plate fin Heatsinks are high efficiency heatsink cooling products which are ideal for linear air-flow environments. A BGA Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsink extracts heat by convection, and uses straight fins that run the entire length to maximize the surface area of the heatsink. These BGA Heatsink devices mount with EZ Snap™ mounting clips and / or thermal tape to provide optimum cooling for various package sizes and airflow. These off-the-shelf, high efficiency heatsink solutions are easy to install and require no special board modifications or complex assemblies. The heatsinks are constructed of extruded aluminum for optimum heat transfer. Designed specifically for BGAs and other surface mount packages then finished with black anodize plating. The BGA heatsink size is matched to the nominal size of the chip, and custom heatsinks may be available for chip sizes not shown.

Plastic Heatsink ClipEz Snap Mounting Clips are design specifically for processors and ball grid array (BGA) components. The clips attach the BGA Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsinks directly to the BGA component making use of the gap created by the ball grid array (BGA) between the component underside and PCB top surface. Therefore, the EZ Snap™ clips require no holes or modifications to the PCB. They also allow for easy rework of components with fast and easy installation and removal.

EZ Snap DrawingWhen selecting the correct clip, it is important to get a clip that is within the range of the nominal chip height. This is the chip height without the solder balls. If the nominal is not available on the chip datasheet just use (max + min)/2. Where a particular chip height is not available, the base of the BGA heatsink can be reduced to provide correct fitment. If there are any issues please contact our team to verify fitment size.

BGA Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsinks

Radian has a wide range of BGA Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsinks that are available to ship within a few days. If a part or BGA heatsink size is not available online we can usually offer an alternative part, or modify a part in stock to fit your needs. For lower volumes, we can also precision machine a heatsink to fit our EZ-snap clip, and for larger volumes an extrusion can be made for your exact requirements.  Please contact us if you need help selecting the correct solution.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
HS1800EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin212112. product
HS1801EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin232312. product
HS18020EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin252512.74.932.4View product
HS18030EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin272712. product
HS1804EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin292912. product
HS1805EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin313112. product
HS1806EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin32.532.512. product
HS1807EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin353512. product
HS1808EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin37.537.512. product
HS1809EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin404012.72.41.41View product
HS1810EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin42.542.512. product
HS1811EBBGAAluminumPlate Fin454512. product
INC19001-8/1.5BGAAluminumPlate Fin13.218.58.4149.78.1View product
INC27001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlate Fin21.626. product
INC31001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlate Fin26.930. product
INC35001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlate Fin29.534. product
INC350A1-12/1.8BGAAluminumPlate Fin29.555.9122.11.31.1View product
INC40001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlate Fin34.7407.14.12.52View product
INC400A1-8/2.0BGAAluminumPlate Fin3455. product
INH27001-15/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin22.126.914. product
INH27001-18/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin22.126.917. product
INH27001-23/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin22.126.922. product
INH33001-15/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin27.232.314. product
INH33001-18/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin27.232.317. product
INH33001-23/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin27.232.322.921.31View product
INH35001-15/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin2934.814. product
INH35001-18/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin2934.817. product
INH35001-23/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin2934.822. product
INH40001-15/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin34.539. product
INH40001-18/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin34.539. product
INH40001-23/2.6BGAAluminumPlate Fin34.539.122.91.710.8View product
INL19001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin19199.55.714.173.57View product
INL19001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin191912.75.153.723.16View product
INL19001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin19196.36.264.583.97View product
INL21001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin21219.55.383.913.32View product
INL21001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin212112.74.833.432.91View product
INL21001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin21216.36.084.413.79View product
INL23001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin23239.55.013.673.06View product
INL23001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin232312. product
INL23001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin23236.35.774.283.63View product
INL24001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin24249.54.723.453.83View product
INL24001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin242412.74.052.892.39View product
INL24001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin24246.35.434.053.36View product
INL25001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin25259.54.573.182.63View product
INL25001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin252512.73..82.642.15View product
INL25001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin25256.35.323.793.15View product
INL27001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin27279.54.2532.4View product
INL27001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin272712. product
INL27001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin27276.34.943.582.99View product
INL29001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin29299.53.952.662.18View product
INL29001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin292912.73.322.21.72View product
INL29001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin29296.34.623.232.73View product
INL31001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin31319.53.722.552.02View product
INL31001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin313112. product
INL31001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin31316.34.383.132.58View product
INL33001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin33339.53.432.251.72View product
INL33001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin333312.72.791.731.28View product
INL33001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin33336.34.122.832.27View product
INL35001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin35359. product
INL35001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin353512.72.51.561.1View product
INL35001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin35356.33.852.481.92View product
INL37.5001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin37.537. product
INL37.5001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin37.537.512.72.271.310.98View product
INL37.5001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin37.537.56.33.572.341.82View product
INL40001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin40409.52.731.681.22View product
INL40001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin404012. product
INL40001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin40406. product
INL42.5001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin42.542.59.52.611.611.18View product
INL42.5001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin42.542.512. product
INL42.5001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin42.542. product
INL45001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin45459.52.451.471.12View product
INL45001-13/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin454512.71.971.110.8View product
INL45001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlate Fin45456.32.931.871.44View product
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