BGA Fansinks

BGA Fansinks - Heatsink FansThe F-Series of BGA Fansinks are aluminum heatsink fans and are high efficiency heatsink cooling products designed for BGA chipsets. These devices mount with EZ SnapTM mounting clips to provide optimum cooling for various package sizes. These off-the-shelf, high efficiency solutions are easy to install and require no special board modifications or complex assemblies.


High efficiency aluminum cross-cut fin design provides low pressure-drop characteristics
Constructed of extruded aluminum AL6063 for optimum heat transfer
Heatsink with DC Fan for improved heat dissipation
Designed specifically for BGAs and other surface mount packages
EZ-SnapTM mounting clip is constructed of UL94-V0 rated nylon
Use clip tool HS8132 to attach (or remove) heatsink directly to BGA chip
Finished with black anodize plating
Clip & thermal pad options are pre-assembled at the factory

Plastic Heatsink ClipEz Snap Mounting Clips are design specifically for processors and ball grid array (BGA) components. The clips attach the BGA Fansink directly to the BGA component making use of the gap created by the ball grid array (BGA) between the component underside and PCB top surface. Therefore, the EZ Snap™ clips require no holes or modifications to the PCB. They also allow for easy rework of components with fast and easy installation and removal.


EZ Snap DrawingWhen selecting the correct clip, it is important to get a clip that is within the range of the nominal chip height. This is the chip height without the solder balls. If the nominal is not available on the chip datasheet just use (max + min)/2. Where a particular chip height is not available, the base of the BGA heatsink can be reduced to provide correct fitment. If there are any issues please contact our team to verify fitment size.

BGA Fansinks

Radian has a wide range of BGA Fansinks that are available to ship within a few days. If a part or BGA Fansink size is not available online we can usually offer an alternative part, or we can modify a part in stock to fit your needs. For lower volumes, we can also precision machine a heatsink to fit our EZ-snap clip, and for larger volumes an extrusion can be made for your exact requirements. Please contact us if you need help selecting the correct solution.

Radian Part NumberTypeVoltageStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SAAirflow (CFM)SignalStore
FI27BGA12VFansink2727162.12.4NoneView product
FJ27BGA5VFansink2727162.12.4NoneView product
FA35BGA12VFansink353522.71.74.1AlarmView product
FB35BGA5VFansink353519.61.94.1AlarmView product
FA40BGA12VFansink404024.31.36AlarmView product
FB40BGA5VFansink404023.31.36AlarmView product
FI42.5BGA12VFansink42.542.524.21.35.7TachView product
FJ42.5BGA5VFansink42.542.523.21.35.7AlarmView product
FA42.5BGA12VFansink42.542.524.21.35.7AlarmView product
FB42.5BGA5VFansink42.542.523.21.35.7AlarmView product
FA45BGA12VFansink454523.31.25.7AlarmView product
FB45BGA5VFansink454524.31.25.7AlarmView product
FA47.5BGA12VFansink47.547.524.31.25.7AlarmView product
Standard BGA sizes
Quick install
Custom Designs

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