Ceramic Heatsink

Ceramic heatsink

A Ceramic Heatsink is typically manufactured using Aluminum Oxide as it is a good insulator the design allows for close contact to the heat source. An Aluminum Oxide Heatsink (Al2O3 Heatsink) is a great option for customers with looking for a thermally conductive material that has high insulating properties.

Aluminum Oxide is also known as Sapphire or Alumina. This material has unique material properties, especially for thermal stability, chemical stability, mechanical strength and optical properties. The material is typically grown using the Czochralski method and has a relatively low price, and chemical stability compared with other exotic materials such as Galium Nitride, Silicon Carbide, and Zinc Oxide. Aluminum Oxide has a typical lattice mismatch of around 16%. In the semiconductor industry, this material has been used for the carrier substrate of HB-LEDs, and many companies are working on silicon-on-sapphire.

Ceramic Heatsink Applications

Compared to traditional aluminum, the Ceramic Heatsink is about 30% lighter. Using Aluminum Oxide for the heatsink also means there is no electromagnetic radiation, and excellent high frequency characteristics. The Ceramic heatsink also has a high chemical resistance and so is corrosion resistant. 

It is also possible to deposit metal onto the Ceramic heatsink to create a conductor path that could include a three-dimensional path around the edge of a surface, which creates the potential for a heatsink and circuit board also known as "chip-on-heatsink". A Ceramic heatsink used as a chip-on-heatsink  allows direct connection of components and is excellently suited for thermal management and cooling of HB-LEDs, Photovoltaic systems, or Power electronics.

Radian Thermal products has manufactured a number of custom ceramic heatsinks for our customers. If a platefin ceramic heatsink is required, this can be achieve with careful consideration of fin height, thickness and gap. Please contact our thermal engineering team to discuss your requirements.