Copper Heatsink

Copper heatsinkA Copper Heatsink is sometimes used as a heatsink as it is a good conductor of heat. This can be observed if you heat one end of a piece of copper, the other end will quickly reach the same temperature. Copper is used in many heating applications because it doesn't corrode and has a high melting point. 

The properties that make a copper heatsink popular include:

  • Good thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Density ~ 0.321 lb/in³
  • Tensile strength of ~ 310 MPa
  • Easy malleability
  • Easy to recycle

A Copper heatsink is an excellent conductor of heat and Radian uses Cu1100 which has a thermal conductivity of ~ 380W/m-K

Although the thermal properties are excellent, Aluminum heatsinks are typically used as they weigh approximately half as much as a copper conductor having the same conductivity, and is are less expensive.

Although it is possible to machine a copper heatsink this can be fairly inefficient as the tools blunt fairly quickly. Typical manufacturing is by either the forged or skiving process. that allow the heatsink to made from a single block. Another manufacturing process that is used especially with vapor chambers is the use of stamped copper fins that are soldered or epoxied onto the base. 

Many of our customers also add an anti-oxidation coating, or nickel plate to maintain the look of the heatsink.

Radian Copper Heatsink product range

A Copper heatsink from Radian Thermal Products can be either a standard product, or custom design. For a custom Copper heatsink we can offer a design based on thermal requirements or we can manufacture to your design (build to print). We work with a wide range of customers that may need only a few Copper heatsinks, or are a production company that need many thousands Copper heatsinks a month.

forged aluminum heatsink with copper insert

Adding a copper insert into the base of an Aluminum heatsink allows a customer to benefit from the spreading properties of copper, combined with the lower weight, and cost of Alumium.

BGA Copper Heatsink

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
INM19002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin191911.66.084.392.95View product
INM19002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin191914.65.794.123.47View product
INM19002-20PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin191919. product
INM19002-25PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin191924. product
INM27002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin272711.64.343.052.36View product
INM27002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin272714.64.072.832.15View product
INM27002-20PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin272719. product
INM27002-25PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin272724. product
INM29002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin292911.63.932.592View product
INM29002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin292914.63.652.381.81View product
INM33002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin333314. product
INM33002-20PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin333319. product
INM33002-25PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin333324.61.610.8View product
INM35002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin353511. product
INM35002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin353514.62.831.791.33View product
INM37.5002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin37.537.511.62.961.951.39View product
INM37.5002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin37.537.514.62.751.731.19View product
INM40002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin404011.62.811.771.29View product
INM40002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin404014.62.591.591.09View product
INM40002-20PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin404019.61.510.8View product
INM40002-25PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin404024. product
INM42.5002-12PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin42.542.511.62.671.661.19View product
INM42.5002-15PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin42.542.514.62.441.441View product
INM42.5002-20PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin42.542.519. product
INM42.5002-25PCU/2.6BGACopperRoundpin42.542.524. product
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