DC Round Pin Heatsink

DC Round Pin HeatsinkRadian's DC Round Pin Heatsink designs are constructed of die cast aluminum and are ideal for omni directional airflow or convection environments. These off-the-shelf, high efficiency heatsink solutions are easy to install with four M3 mounting screws ranging from 4-8mm in length, or pushpins. These Round pin heatsinks may be packaged with optional hardware mounting kits and thermal interface pads to facilitate installation of the heatsinks directly to the dc/dc converters.


  • High efficiency round pin design provide low pressure-drop characteristics
  • Constructed of aluminum for optimum heat transfer
  • Round pin designs are ideal for omni directional airflow environment
  • Designed specifically for DC/DC Converters and other baseplate packages
  • Finished with black anodize plating
  • Selected hardware mounting kit and thermal interface pad options are pre-packaged at the factory

DC Roundpin Heatsink

Radian has a wide range of DC Roundpin Heatsinks. The following list are usually available within a few days. If a size is not available please contact us for alternatives. In addition, all of our standard heatsinks can have a fan added to create an active cooled heatsink.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
HS2065DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin57.936. product
HS2066DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin57.936.811. product
HS2067DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin6157. product
HS2069DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin6157.911. product
HS2071DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin116.86111.410.60.5View product
HS2073DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin116.86117. product
HS2074DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin6157.917. product
HS2075DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin57.936.817.81.510.8View product
HS2158DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin6157.922.91.410.8View product
HS2159DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin57.936.822.91.410.8View product
HS2160DBDCDCAluminumRoundpin116.86122. product

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