Fansinks with Pushpins

Heatsink FanFansinks with Pushpins are a aluminum fin Heatsink with fan that is a high efficiency active cooling product that mounts with push pins to provide optimum cooling for various devices.


* High efficiency aluminum  fin design provides low pressure-drop characteristics
* Constructed of extruded aluminum AL6063 for optimum heat transfer
* DC Fan for improved heat dissipation
* Designed specifically for BGAs and other surface mount packages
* Finished with black anodize plating
* Pushpin & thermal pad options are pre-assembled at the factory

Fansinks with pushpins

Radian has a wide range of Fansinks with pushpins. The following list are the fan heatsinks that are usually available within a few days. If a size is not available please contact us for alternatives. In addition, all of our standard heatsinks can have a fan added to create an active cooled heatsink.

Radian Part NumberTypeVoltageStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SAAirflow (CFM)Store
FE1567Pushpin12VFansink36.857.913.82.34.9View product
FE1568Pushpin12VFansink36.857.920.21.54.9View product
FE1569Pushpin12VFansink36.857.925.81.34.9View product
FE1570Pushpin12VFansink36.857.929.361.14.9View product
FE1575Pushpin12VFansink57.960.916.81.96.4View product
FE1576Pushpin12VFansink57.960.921.91.86.4View product
FE1577Pushpin12VFansink57.960.928.316.4View product
FE1578Pushpin12VFansink57.960.934.80.96.4View product
FF1567Pushpin5VFansink36.857.9192.34.9View product
FF1568Pushpin5VFansink36.857.924.61.54.9View product
FF1569Pushpin5VFansink36.857.925.81.34.9View product
FF1570Pushpin5VFansink36.857.929.71.14.9View product
FF1575Pushpin5VFansink57.960.916.51.96.4View product
FF1576Pushpin5VFansink57.960.922.11.86.4View product
FF1577Pushpin5VFansink57.960.928.416.4View product
FF1578Pushpin5VFansink57.960.933.50.96.4View product

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