Forged Round Pin with Pushpins


Round Pin Heatsinks with pushpinsThe INM37.5 Series of aluminum and copper round pin Heatsinks are high efficiency heatsink cooling products which are ideal for omni-directional air flow.


  • High efficiency round pin design provides low pressure-drop characteristics
  • Ideal for omni-directional air flow
  • Spring loaded push pins for optimum heat transfer
Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SATheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
inm37-5004-12P/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.511.62.741.771.4View product
inm37-5004-12PCU/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.511.6226781.671.31View product
inm37-5004-15PCU/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.514.62.221.441.11View product
inm37-5004-20P/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.519. product
inm37-5004-25P/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.524. product
inm37-5004-25PCU/2-6PushpinAluminumRoundpin37.537.524. product
Copper or Aluminum
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