Heatsink Captive Screws

Captive screws provide a secure attachment method for our heatsinks to a PCB board. The screws provides a robust mechanical fastening that has been Shock, and vibration tested.
They offer uniform compression with springs that compensate for any inconsistencies in the thermal pad thickness and the heat sink surface. Captive screws, and springs are manufactured from stainless steel that means they are very durable.

Options for Heatsink Captive Screws

The screw, and springs are secured in the heat sink with an E clip so there is no loose hardware and no chance of causing a short circuit. The standard screw comes with a combination #2 Phillips, and a slot head. Customers can choose from different screw heights and multiple springs to achieve desired pressure and overall height.

Stainless Steel
Secure Attachment
Adjustable tension

"Secure your data!"