Intel Skylake Heatsink

Intel Skylake Heatsink

Radian's Intel Skylake Heatsink is specifically designed and tested for the Skylake Server chip installed in a 1U chassis assembly. The Intel processor is housed in an Flip-Chip Land Grid Array package  and interfaces with the motherboard using a special socket. The Intel Skylake has an integrated heat spreader which transfers the heat from the die to the top of the spreader which results in uniform heat spread over a larger surface area. Skylake Server 2S and Skylake Server 4S are compatible with this heatsink using the LGA3647-0 SMT socket.

Intel typically requires around 11 CFM airflow at 35°C for a 1U high performance package. In many real life situations these conditions can not be achieved. Many of our customers during final design see factors such as limited airflow, or other devices upstream increasing the ambient heat changing the environment that results in a standard 1U Intel Skylake Heatsink not being able to cool the device correctly. In these cases, Radian offers customized Intel Skylake heatsink solutions that will still fit into the LGA3647-0 SMT socket using thermal analysis and rapid prototyping.

Intel Skylake Heatsink design

Vapor chamberThe Intel Skylake Heatsink uses a Vapor chamber, which is constructed from sealed copper plates, and filled with a small amount of de-ionized water that allows heat to be rapidly dispersed away from the source. Combined with the  heat spreader inside the IntelSkylake Server 2S and Skylake Server 4S the Vapor chamber increases the amount of heat spreading at the base of a heatsink. The Vapor chamber is then combined with stamped fins to efficiently cool the Intel Skylake chip. 

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