Machined Heatsink

Machined heatsinkA precision machined Heatsink is an ideal choice for smaller production requirements as there are no Non Recurring Engineering charges (NRE).  With highly versatile machining capabilities, Radian Thermal Products provides high precision heatsinks with complex features, contours, cut-outs and through-holes. Combined with a full range of finishing we are your reliable source for quality, affordable machined heatsinks. Machined heatsinks are typically made from Aluminum 6061 or Copper C1100, and quick turn prototyping is available.  Although larger designs are possible, typical limits are typically 20 fins - 1.2” high.

Copper is tough to machine so we usually recommend the forged, skived , or stamped fin processes. For larger volume Aluminum production, our team will also investigate extrusion, and Die-cast processes.

Machined Heatsink Examples

Machined Heatsink

In this example a machined heatsink was rapidly designed and manufactured. The customer also wanted to use corporate colors in the coating.

Custom stamped heatsink

In this example a standard heatsink was machined so that it became a custom part..

Machined Heatsink

In this example a copper heatsink was machined as a platefin then cross cuts were added.

Machined and extruded heatsink

In this example an extruded heatsink was machined so that it could fit an assembly. After the machining the part was anodized.

Copper or Aluminum
Custom Coatings
Rapid Prototyping

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