June 4, 2003 – Radian Heatsinks, a Division of Intricast Company, today announced the introduction of its DC/DC Converter Heatsinks. On display in Booth #9023, the DC/DC product line will be displayed, including the Round Pin (“Icicle”) and Plate Fin (“Black Ice”) Series products.

“Our Round Pin Heatsinks are best used when the direction of airflow is uncertain, or the airflow is less than 300 Ifm and air pressure drop is not a concern,” stated Don Bedard, General Manager of Radian Heatsinks, a new Intricast Division. “We use standard heights available in 0.23”, 0.45”, 0.7” and 0.9”. Regardless of airflow direction, Round Pin technology on the heatsinks outperforms conventional extruded designs.”

The “Black Ice” Series of Plate Fin Heatsinks offered by Radian uses cutting edge extrusion technology for fin thickness between 0.30” and 0.35 and aspect ratios of up to 12 to 1. Counter boring the heatsink guarantees greater contact on the mounting surface for optimum thermal transfer. The Radian Plate Fin Series Heatsinks fits IPD, RO Associates, SynQor, Lucent, Ericsson, Astec and Core microprocessors. All Radian DC/DC Heatsinks are available with through holes for mounting, pads for thermal transfer, and most other fit features necessary to conform to specific applications.

Radian uses four types of manufacturing for its heatsinks: casting with high thermal conductivity alloys, high aspect ratio extrusion, microforging and machining. Aspect ratios up to 25:1 are available.

Additionally, Radian/Intricast uses a proprietary parametric system to assist customers in the design of heatsinks. The system is capable of optimizing a design for heatsinks having straight fins, round pins, or elliptically shaped fins. The system was devised by using state-of-the-art thermal simulation modeling with fluid mechanics and finite analysis coding.


Intricast Company, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, was founded in 1974 as a premium producer of metal components. Through the years, Intricast has grown from servicing the early electronics and aerospace industries in Silicon Valley to providing complete product development solutions to a diverse range of markets worldwide. The Company now has two divisions: Radian Heatsinks and Nexus Pacific, to best accommodate today?s advanced microelectronics, components and international sourcing needs worldwide. Intricast Company has production facilities in Santa Clara, Taiwan and China. Its offshore subsidiary provides world class products and pricing for higher volume programs.