PCIe Heatsink

A PCIe heatsink is specifically designed for a PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) card, which is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard. Format specifications are maintained and developed by the PCI-SIG (PCI Special Interest Group), a group of more than 900 companies that also maintain the conventional PCI specifications

As a PCIe card has a height restriction of 14.48mm this means that fin height is fairly limited for the PCIe heatsink, especially when considering that a typical BGA chip height is around 3mm including solder balls. 

Airflow should also be considered for a passive solution, and if there is a spare slot then it is worth considering our PCIe Fansink or BGA Fansink line.

Custom Heatsink

PCIe Heatsink examples

Heatsink for PCIe compute engine with a high capacity flash storage card

Scaleflux offers the ability to integrate compute engines with a high capacity Flash storage that is connected through PCIe. This innovative product dramatically increases the processing efficiency of compute-intensive functions. 

Through a consultative design process we were able to meet the demands of this tough thermal environment by manufacturing a clear anodized heatsink that includes extruding, die-casting, and silk screening processes.

Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsink for PCIE Card

Aluminum Plate Fin Heatsink for PCIe Card

Our customer was designing a PCIe Card and required a low-cost solution that would both cool their chip sets and provide mechanical support of their card.

Using advanced Mechanical Design Thermal Simulation technologies, Radian quickly designed a heatsink to meet the mechanical stresses and thermal management requirements of the application.  The end result is a low-cost aluminum plate fin heatsink with a milled baseplate to provide best thermal mating to the chip sets being cooled while providing appropriate clearance for all other supporting components.

Copper heatsink for PCIe Add-On card

Copper heatsink for PCIe Add-On card

Our customer was designing a high-end PCIe Add-On Card with a great deal of processing power and needed a low-profile thermal management solution with a low-profile to avoid conflict with other Add-On cards and not disrupt typical airflow from a wide array of possible installations.  We designed a one-piece copper heatsink that provided both thermal dissipation and mechanical support for the PCIe Card.

Dual Heatsink Solution for PCI Express Application

Dual Heatsink Solution for PCI Express Application

Customer had 3 chips on the board that needed heatsink cooling dissipating 26W. Customer had 300 LFM of airflow.

Using advanced thermal analysis we designed a low-cost aluminum heatsink solution.  We separated the heatsinks to minimize any bend, twist of the PCB. The Heatsinks are affixed with plastic pushpins.

PCIe Pushpin Heatsinks

PCI1112PCI2200The following list of PCIe pushpin heatsinks have been specifically designed and time tested on many PCI card applications. These heatsinks have been modeled for pushpins, but can also be used with screws. For exact details on a particular heatsink, please contact us for more information.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
PCI1016PushpinAluminumPlatefin70509.31.881.160.9View product
PCI1085PushpinAluminumCross-Cut5050103.932.712.19View product
PCI1087PushpinAluminumCross-Cut254089.816.65.28View product
PCI1094PushpinAluminumCross-Cut50527.35.163.673View product
PCI1096PushpinAluminumCross-Cut555211.93.492.431.97View product
PCI1098PushpinAluminumCross-Cut604611.92.011.351.07View product
PCI1112PushpinAluminumPlatefin50.75493.532.11.62View product
PCI1114PushpinAluminumPlatefin43.955. product
PCI1120PushpinAluminumCross-Cut546010. product
PCI1138PushpinAluminumCross-Cut42557.27.325.264.32View product
PCI1153PushpinAluminumCross-Cut554011.93.742.62.12View product
PCI1155PushpinAluminumCross-Cut605511.91.891.250.99View product
PCI2063PushpinAluminumCross-Cut4672.5112.61.61.25View product
PCI2107PushpinAluminumPlatefin40359.54.312.622.03View product
PCI2200PushpinAluminumCross-Cut3063115.573.332.56View product
PCI2046BGAAluminumCross-Cut243210.77.354.994View product
PCI3097PushpinAluminumCross-Cut,PCIe58378. product

PCIe Stick-on Heatsinks

PCI2038Like the PCIe pushpin heatsinks these Stick-on heatsinks have been specifically designed and time tested on many PCI card applications. For exact details on a particular heatsink, please contact us for more information.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
PCI2037Stick-OnAluminumCross-Cut30.4830.486.98.635.964.81View product
PCI2038Stick-OnAluminumCross-Cut38.138.16.357.445.274.3View product
PCI2039Stick-OnAluminumPlatefin1515720.6814.2111.46View product
PCI2109Stick-OnAluminumPlatefin272711.255.213.462.75View product
PCI2110Stick-OnAluminumPlatefin523111. product
PCI2210Stick-OnAluminumCross-Cut27.527.54.522.3115.8512.95View product

BGA Platefin Heatsinks for PCIe

INL BGA PlatefinINC PlatefinRadian’s BGA Platefin Heatsink devices mount with EZ Snap™ to provide quick cooling solutions and do not require any board fixtures. The following list of heatsinks fit the typical PCIe height requirements. The INC series includes over hanging heatsinks which allow a larger surface area with a low profile. We also offer custom solutions that work with our EZ Snap clip if a standard size does not fit your requirement. Please contact us for more information.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
INC27001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlatefin21.626. product
INC31001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlatefin26.930. product
INC35001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlatefin29.534. product
INC40001-7/1.5BGAAluminumPlatefin34.7407.14.12.52View product
INC400A1-8/2.0BGAAluminumPlatefin3455. product
INC19001-8/1.5BGAAluminumPlatefin13.218.58.4149.78.1View product
INL19001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin19199.55.714.173.57View product
INL19001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin19196.36.264.583.97View product
INL21001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin21219.55.383.913.32View product
INL21001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin21216.36.084.413.79View product
INL23001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin23239.55.013.673.06View product
INL23001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin23236.35.774.283.63View product
INL24001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin24249.54.723.453.83View product
INL24001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin24246.35.434.053.36View product
INL25001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin25259.54.573.182.63View product
INL25001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin25256.35.323.793.15View product
INL27001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin27279.54.2532.4View product
INL27001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin27276.34.943.582.99View product
INL29001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin29299.53.952.662.18View product
INL29001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin29296.34.623.232.73View product
INL31001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin31319.53.722.552.02View product
INL31001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin31316.34.383.132.58View product
INL33001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin33339.53.432.251.72View product
INL33001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin33336.34.122.832.27View product
INL35001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin35359. product
INL35001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin35356.33.852.481.92View product
INL37.5001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin37.537. product
INL37.5001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin37.537.56.33.572.341.82View product
INL40001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin40409.52.731.681.22View product
INL40001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin40406. product
INL42.5001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin42.542.59.52.611.611.18View product
INL42.5001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin42.542. product
INL45001-10/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin45459.52.451.471.12View product
INL45001-6/1.7BGAAluminumPlatefin45456.32.931.871.44View product

DC Heatsinks for PCIe

DC Roundpin DC PlateOriginally designed for DC heatsinks, the following list of platefin, and roundpin heatsinks meet the typical PCIe height requirements, and allow a large surface area with a low profile. These heatsinks are easy to install with four M3 mounting screws ranging from 4-8mm in length, or other fixtures such as pushpins, or captive screws can also be used.

Radian Part NumberTypeMaterialStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMPart
HS1567EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin57.936. product
HS1568EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin57.936.811.42.21.31View product
HS1571EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin57.936. product
HS1576EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin6157.911. product
HS1579EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin6157. product
HS1580EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin6157.911.41.510.8View product
HS1591EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin116.8615. product
HS1592EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin116.86111. product
HS1595EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin116.8615. product
HS1597EBPushpinAluminumPlate Fin116.86111. product
HS2073DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin116.86117. product
HS2074DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin6157.917. product
HS2075DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin57.936.817.81.510.8View product
HS2158DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin6157.922.91.410.8View product
HS2159DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin57.936.822.91.410.8View product
HS2160DBPushpinAluminumRoundpin116.86122. product
HS1581EBPushpinAluminumRoundpin6157.917.810.60.5HS1581EB/">View product
HS1582EBPushpinAluminumRoundpin6157.922.">View product
HS1593EBPushpinAluminumRoundpin116.86117.">View product
HS1594EBPushpinAluminumRoundpin116.86122.">View product
HS1598EBPushpinAluminumRoundpin116.86117.">View product

PCIe Fansink

PCIe FansinkIf airflow is an issue, a PCIe fansink has is an active heatsink that has been specifically designed for PCI card applications, but are also ideal for other low profile applications. The fansink has been modeled for pushpins, but can also be used with screws. For exact details on a particular PCIe fansink, please contact us for more information.

Radian Part NumberTypeVoltageStyleHeatsink MaterialLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SAAirflow (CFM)Store
SZ05SPushpin5VFansinkAluminum505010.52.26.5View product
SZ05LPushpin5VFansinkAluminum63.375010.51.856.5View product
SZ12SPushpin12VFansinkAluminum505010.52.26.5View product
SZ12LPushpin12VFansinkAluminum63.375010.51.856.5View product
SC05SPushpin5VFansinkCopper505010.51.56.5View product
SC05LPushpin5VFansinkCopper63.375010.51.46.5View product
SC12SPushpin12VFansinkCopper505010.51.56.5View product
SC12LPushpin12VFansinkCopper63.375010.51.46.5View product

BGA Fansink

FansinkIf two slots are available, Radian's  BGA heatsinks with fans are high efficiency heatsink cooling products designed for BGA chipsets and other OEM applications. These devices mount with EZ Snap™ mounting clips to provide optimum cooling for various package sizes, and are easy to install and require no special board modifications or complex assemblies.

Radian Part NumberTypeVoltageStyleLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Theta SAAirflow (CFM)SignalStore
FI27BGA12VFansink2727162.12.4NoneView product
FJ27BGA5VFansink2727162.12.4NoneView product
FA35BGA12VFansink353522.71.74.1AlarmView product
FB35BGA5VFansink353519.61.94.1AlarmView product
FA40BGA12VFansink404024.31.36AlarmView product
FB40BGA5VFansink404023.31.36AlarmView product
FI42.5BGA12VFansink42.542.524.21.35.7TachView product
FJ42.5BGA5VFansink42.542.523.21.35.7AlarmView product
FA42.5BGA12VFansink42.542.524.21.35.7AlarmView product
FB42.5BGA5VFansink42.542.523.21.35.7AlarmView product
FA45BGA12VFansink454523.31.25.7AlarmView product
FB45BGA5VFansink454524.31.25.7AlarmView product
FA47.5BGA12VFansink47.547.524.31.25.7AlarmView product

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