Santa Clara—April 14, 2017—Radian Thermal Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that Thierry Sin has been promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer, effective April 1st, 2017.

“Thierry has established himself as a knowledgeable and effective executive in his previous positions as Vice President of Sales, and Executive Vice President. Thierry has graciously accepted his promotion, and has many ideas on moving our company forward. I know that his experience, intelligence and enthusiasm will translate into the leadership which will help our company continue to grow and flourish.” Said Radian Chairman Gerry McIntyre.

Thierry Sin has held various engineering and management positions in global companies such as Nortel Networks, Ciena, and Laird. At Radian, Thierry was instrumental in rapidly growing the heatsink business, and has successfully delivered thermal management solutions to the market.

“I joined Radian Thermal Products over 13 years ago because I wanted to provide customers with cost effective, yet innovative solutions to their thermal management issues,” said Thierry Sin. “Today, with the increase of movement and storage of data, these challenges are even more complex. I am confident that Radian will grow at an above average pace by focusing on innovation and support of our large world-wide customer base.”

Former President, Mong Hu, who has been recently appointed to the Radian Board of Directors states, “We have worked together serving customers all over the world, and being part of their successes in their markets. A genuine focus on customer satisfaction is our key to success. Under the leadership of Thierry, I expect to see increased effectiveness of all processes, and the expansion of the customer base into new markets.”

Radian Thermal Products, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, was founded in 1974 as a premium producer of metal components. The company served the needs of early electronics and aerospace industries located in Silicon Valley. The Company serves today’s most advanced microelectronics and components industries worldwide. Radian has production facilities in Santa Clara, Taiwan and China.