Thermal Interface Material

Thermal TapeThermal Interface Material or TIM is the interface between a heatsink, and a device. Thermal adhesive or thermal grease improve the heat sink's performance by filling air gaps between the heat sink and the heat spreader on the device. Radian Thermal offers a wide selection of thermal interface pads to provide both an attachment method and improved thermal transfer. These phase-change Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are designed to completely fill interfacial air gaps and voids, displacing entrapped air between power dissipating electronic components. Phase-change materials are designed to maximize heat sink performance and improve component reliability. Upon reaching the required melt temperature, the pad will fully change phase and attain minimum bond-line thickness (MBLT) - less than 0.001 inch or 0.0254mm, and maximum surface wetting. This results in practically no thermal contact resistance due to a very small thermal resistance path. At room temperature, the materials are solid and easy to handle. This allows them to be consistently and cleanly applied as dry pads to a heat sink or component surface. With light clamping pressure it will readily conform to both mating surfaces.

Radian works with a variety of interface material providers, and many of our products come with pre-applied interface materials, we also work with our customers to select the most appropriate interface material for the application.

When using a Thermal Interface Material, care must be taken when storing as the condition of adhesion is directly affected by the storage temperature, and humidity environment.  Ideal storage conditions are below 25°C, and a humidity of 40-80%. If refrigerated the product should be packaged, and sealed.

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