Vapor Chamber Heatsink

Vapor chamber HeatsinkA Vapor chamber Heatsink is constructed by using a vapor chamber as the base of a heatsink, and then  stamped fins are soldered to the vapor chamber to create a high end thermal management device that can rapidly spread heat from a small source to a large area. The plate finned heatsink can be made with aluminum or copper. Zipper fin tabs are then used to lock the device securely, and can be typically seen by usually two lines on the top of the heatsink extending across the entire width.

Vapor chamberWhen heat is applied to a vapor chamber a fluid inside the device vaporizes and condenses when it comes into contact with a cooler wall surface. The condensed fluid returns to the heat source by capillary action. The vapor chamber acts as a heat spreader, so it is important to make sure that the chip to be cooled is much smaller than the vapor chamber.

A Vapor Chamber Heatsink can improve the thermal performance by 10- 30% standard heatsink solutions. In many cases, a vapor chamber heatsink weighs similar to an extruded aluminum heatsink of the same performance rating. If a standard vapor chamber heatsink does not fit your requirements, vapor chamber heatsinks can be designed using either a standard vapor chamber base or if existing hole patterns do not work, a completely new vapor chamber can be manufactured. 

Standard Vapor Chamber Heatsinks

VCH1101 Vapor Chamber HeatsinkRadian has introduced a line of standard vapor chamber heatsinks. Most are available for shipping within a few days. A properly designed vapor chamber combined with a stamped fin heatsink can improve the thermal performance by 10- 30%, but because of the complexity of vapor chambers, and other factors such as source size, and chip height, the thermal performance of a vapor chamber heatsink must be evaluated through thermal simulation, or actual testing.

PartDescriptionMaterialFinishWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Power Rating (W)Theta SA at 200LFMTheta SA at 400LFMTheta SA at 600LFMStore
VCH0001Intel Skylake Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/ Copper FinsNickel Plated7810825.51500.350.220.18View product
VCH1044Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/ Copper FinsNickel Plated93112161500.980.520.38View product
VCH1101Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/ Copper FinsNickel Plated719421.51500.580.320.24View product
VCH1102Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/ Copper FinsNickel Plated719421.51500.60.350.27View product
VCH2158Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/Aluminum FinsNickel Plated117908.331500.850.520.42View product
VCH2185Vapor Chamber HeatsinkCopper/ Copper FinsAnti-Oxidation1179027.61500.280.150.11View product
Copper or Aluminum
Custom designs
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