Z Clip - Wire Heatsink Clip

Z Clip Wire ClipZ clips are a wire formed heatsink clip , and attach heat sinks using anchors mounted in the printed circuit board. The Anchors are pushed through holes designed into the PCB with a 1mm x 3mm oval hole. To assemble, attach the z clip to an anchor on one side of heatsink. Push the spring until the other side of the clip can be placed in the other anchor. The spring tension of the Z clip maintains ideal pressure of the heatsink against the component being cooled. Radian offers a wide range of wire form Z clips for optimal pressure, ensuring no damage to the PCB and ideal pressure of the heatsink to the component being cooled. The solder less anchors to provide a secure attachment method for processors and ball grid array (BGA) components.

wireclipsThe Z clips are made from RoHS compliant stainless steel. Anchors can be used for a range of PCB thicknesses from 0.059” to 0.123”, and this mounting method offers easy rework. Z Clips are offered with the T710 or T725 Thermal Interface Material TIM. Some heatsinks, and fan heatsinks also have T558 as an option which is MULTIPHASE™ Thermal Interface Material. There are many types of heatsinks, and all major designs are can be used on our BGA heatsinks using the Z clip.

Secure attachment
Standard BGA sizes
Custom Designs

"Fly through thermal issues using our Z Clip!"